Working in the Beauty Related Industry

Danielle Adams
Assignment 201 Working in the beauty industry
Task 1a Produce an Information sheet
Candidates are required to describe three of the following treatments:

1. Electrical facials
The treatment is often referred to as a “non surgical face lift”. It is made to soften fine lines and
wrinkles, balancing and lifting your contours. The treatment gives healthier cells in the skin and
muscles, producing a tighter contour and improved complexion.
The facial treatment is often applied using a roller over the skin with the application of specialized
gels or ampoules. It is very successful and extremely popular as it has proven to show impressive
results. It can be used for different types of skin and conditions as it has the ability to treat in two
totally different ways.
The first treatment is designed to deep cleanse the pores of the skin and degrease oily areas. It can
be used to deep cleanse most skin types depending on their needs. It is more effective on oily
congested skin types. This is known as Desincrustation. The second treatment involves the rebalancing, normalizing and hydrating of the skin, whatever the type as it can be oily, dry or even
sensitive. This is called Iontophoresis.
These two facials are available separately as well as one facial treatment. This will depend on the
preference of the Therapist, the skin care and equipment range she is trained in and the client’s
Important note: These electrical facial treatments are not advisible for pregnant clients, clients with
history of heart desease/disorders, pace makers, metal implants in body, history of migraines,
epilepsy and complications of nervous disorders. A full consultations will be required to assess
suitability for treatment.

2. Epilation treatment
This is the perfect treatment for permanent hair removal. The process works best with hair that
grows in the anagene phase. This treatment is not a very good option for red or blonde hair. For this
treatment you need to go in for...