Working in a Smal or a Large Company

Start-ups can be more social and casual workplaces than large company offices, but are about as secure as leaving your front door wide open before going on vacation. At least with a large company there is usually an opportunity for a return placement either at your current position or a better one or a chance to work in a new department. On that note, working in a large company allows one to make contacts in various departments and offices as well as being able to meet people with many varied backgrounds. This can be a real benefit when looking for future co-op jobs or even a position after graduation. Unless you’re used to people having puzzled expressions when you speak, it’s nice to have the name of your workplace recognized by others when it’s brought up in conversation. In terms of your resume, the name of a large company really stands out because it carries a certain level of prestige and can usually be identified with a certain technological role in industry.
Larger companies can usually afford to hire more than one student, if not in the same department, at least in various different ones. It’s nice to have people your age to converse with.
Something that I’ve really enjoyed about working in large organizations is that my absence when I’m sick or taking the day off wouldn’t cause a catastrophic impact on my projects. It’s reassuring to know that you can just pick up from where you left off on the next day and leave when you’re supposed to, because you aren’t a pivotal beam in the corporate structure.
Small companies do have their charm, but large companies have recreational facilities, company lunches, travel expenses and paid overtime.
SMALL COMPANY: Yes, a large company may be able to provide you with better computer equipment. Yes, a large company may be able to provide you with a free cafeteria. Yes, a large company may be able to provide you with the prestige of working for a famous name brand. However, a large company is also likely to have more...