Working Effectively in the Workplace

Your Manager has asked you to devise strategies to establish productive working relationships with manager(s). For each of the following, write down one strategy you can use to:
Ensure that immediate manager is kept informed of activities, progress and results of work group and information presented is clear, accurate and timely.
The strategy that I would adopt to ensure that my manager is kept informed on the activities and progress of a specific workgroup is through weekly or monthly progress update meetings. The use of such a strategy would allow for managers to be fully aware of where a team is at, where issues lie and how the team is working towards resolving those issues (, 2003).
The length of time between updates would depend on the type of work team and the work they are undertaking. Where changes are being made quickly, weekly meetings might be more effective. However if the team is working consistently, a monthly update may be appropriate. As a manager is likely to be leading more than one workgroup or team at a time, they may not have time to have a detailed progress update on a weekly basis, so any progress updates given would have to be clear, concise and focused on the team’s objectives. However, any information conveyed during the progress update needs to be timely. The update should only cover any changes that have occurred since the last update.
By establishing a routine for such updates, following a strict agenda about what is to be covered, you can be sure that all information is relevant and useful to the manager concerned (, 2003). By following this strategy you may structure progress updates to include:
• Progress from previous meeting
• Tasks to be completed between now and the next meeting
• Any issues that are foreseen
• Contingency plans for these issues
• General discussion on tasks to be completed.
By following a strict agenda, you can convey what needs to be said while respecting the fact that...