Working as Cabin Crew

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Working as Cabin Crew |

Working as cabin crew is often seen as an exciting and glamorous career without having a full appreciation of the role and responsibilities of the job. Air cabin crew are highly trained and are a critical component of the flying experience as they are the main point of contact for passengers whilst in the air. In addition to being responsible for passenger and aircraft safety, the air cabin crew is also responsible for the comfort of passengers during the flight. The air cabin crew has many duties that they are required to perform in order to ensure that passengers have a pleasant and safe flight. The responsibilities of the cabin crew begin before flight departure and do not end until after the last passenger has disembarked and all paperwork has been completed.

The routine duties of cabin crew do not draw on the entirety of the safety training that they have received. These crew members are required always to be alert and ready to use a few actions/ procedures in an emergency situation, which can happen any time, though extremely rare. With time and non-usage of acquired knowledge certain deficiencies/ mistakes may creep in which can have disastrous results for the individual and for the travelling public in the unforeseen event of an emergency.

In order to overcome this unique situation and to always ensure that the crew is ready to undertake any flight, it is required that all cabin crew participate in a pre-flight briefing –

1. Before the commencement of their flight duties every day.
2. During a change of aircraft during a series of flights for the day.
3. During a change in the crew composition (replacement of crew).

The first thing a cabin crew would do is to report for duty to the airlines crew room/ crew check-in at the hours specified on their roster an hour and half hours prior to the scheduled departure of the aircraft. This lets crew control and the...