Lala Rushin
Implementing Change Report
February 1, 2014

This report will cover an upgrade of the application of the modification concerning the sales division of Kudler Fine Foods. The first stage is to describe just how to supervise and assess the modification procedure including finding out the measurement and observation devices as well as methods to use. The 2nd stage includes finding out any expected possibilities for changes during the control over the modification procedure. The 3rd stage involves finding out parts of the modification procedure that might be vulnerable to modification resistors to incorporate an explanation of the methods in order to overcome these resistors to modify. The 4th stage includes explaining methods to use the organization’s tradition in order to boost this modification as well as the advantages of this. The 5th stage is to talk about methods this modification might impact the organization’s tradition.

Changes to Implement

The operation of the sales division regarding activities concerning selling wine and exceptional food items as well as the lack of clients registering for the wine appreciation courses is dissatisfactory. The modification under consideration is to offer additional training to the present sales people in order to make sure that they are informed of the items since the items are so exceptional. The training is not voluntary and every member of the sales staff should show up. The 2nd modification is to implement a bonus pay structure in order to inspire workers to put in maximum effort to make sales of items as well as persuade clients to sign up for the wine appreciation courses.

Kudler Fine Foods trusts in getting some specific modifications which will be appealing as well as effective for the company. Adopting the modifications and applying them successfully will lead to a higher level of effectiveness and achievement in addition to more profit. The...