Work on Your Drams

Work on your dreams

Each one of us ought to have a dream. This is what Kuttidadu told us, didn’t he? Sure. Without a dream, there is no goal. Moreover, without a goal, life is like a rudderless ship. Again, only having a dream is not enough. Just like a mother who feeds her child and makes him/her strong and bold, one should nurture his/her dream so that it is not swept away by the onslaughts of this hard and real world.

It takes a lot of courage to pursue ones dream. There are hindrances and hurdles everywhere, within the family and without. For example, you would like to join the army; you are just thrilled to see these uniformed smart confident people. But no! Your parents and well-wishers are against it. For obvious reasons, of course. Even an IPS job is not acceptable to many. To them these jobs are fraught with danger. Too much of unnecessary risk. It is better to go for a ‘safe’ job, they would reason.

However, we all know that there is nothing in this world, which we can call ‘safe’. Recently, students beat up a very popular and prominent teacher Prof. Sabharwal who later died of internal injuries. Did they say teaching was a ‘safe’ profession? Kalpana Chawla too died in her mission. Such incidents do make us sad, but should these deter us from pursuing our dreams? Obviously not! See, both Kalpana and Sabharwal had achieved their goals before their death. Just think if Kalpana had opted, what her parents wanted her to be we would not have known her!

History is full of such examples. What we need is determination, perseverance, hard work, single-mindedness and a bit of luck. We will certainly overcome whatever obstacles come our way. As of now, the most important step towards achieving our goals is to study hard and get good grades in exams. This will lay a solid foundation on which our dreams will take shape.