Work in a Person Centred Way

Work in a Person Centered Way
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The Definition of person-centered values is a coordination of a person"s definition of their situation and the Individual needs resulting out of this, and the approach of Health Care Professionals focusing on these   Individuals Values in every way they work. Values are beliefs and ideas about how people should behave and interact with each other as we were socialized by our childhood, religion, culture and relationships. It is our for example:
  * Individuality
  * Rights
  * Choice
  * Privacy
  * Independence
  * Dignity
  * Respect
  * Partnership
It is important to embed person   centered values, because every person is an individual with individual needs who need to be empowered to be confident and use their voices to speak and act on their own behalf.    
Commonly known as The 6 C"s we shall orientate on :
  * CARE, maintain and improve someone's Well Being and their Best Interest;
  * COMPASSION, have it in your heart to understand and feel for someone's situation;
  * COMPETENCE, to have the knowledge and skills to understand someone's needs and provide it;
  * COMMUNICATION, speak clearly and easy to comprehend in an understanding manner;
  * COURAGE, to express concerns or new ideas;
  * COMMITMENT, to dedicated and supportive work in a responsible manner.
These Values are Central Principles that guide and help Health- and Social -Workers to understand right from wrong.
Person-centered Values tell us how to work in a Person-centered way
The Importance of a Person Centered Approach to be put into place nationally in all different forms of Health and Social Care settings became more clear because of specific problems society reacts and responses to people with any form of physical or mental disability. To apply a persons values into the care they need on a daily basis will create a healthier and...