Work in a Business Environment

Work in a business environment

Diversity can be differences in race, religious beliefs, physical appearance, mental capabilities and more. Diversity should be respected and valued because nobody is completely the same as anyone else, even within the categories mentioned; people tend to reject what is different. I can treat people in a way that is sensitive to their needs by being empathetic and relating to the way they feel about certain issues. I should treat people in a way that respects their abilities, background, values, customs and beliefs by treating them the same as how I treat anyone else, I should always respect their opinion even though I may not agree and be open minded as everyone is different.

The purpose of improving efficiency is so that materials can be managed in order to minimise waste and therefore reduce costs, also minimising waste can have a positive effect on the environment. I can improve working methods with the use of technology by emailing documents instead of printing. This reduces the use of paper, there is less need for paper based diaries as electronic ones are available on software such as Microsoft Outlook, sending electrical mail is much faster and more efficient than using a postage system, using these methods of technology helps reduce the waste in the work place.

I follow organisational procedures and legal requirements in relation to the discrimination legislation by not judging someone because of their race, gender, age etc. If discrimination does occur in the work place a grievance procedure will have be taken out. I follow procedures for recycling and disposal of hazardous materials by recognising what type of material it is, handling it carefully and disposing it into the correct disposal bin.