Jessica Jones

Eng 091

April 6, 2009

                      Rise of the Unemployment Rate

      Many people are having trouble finding jobs and three reasons are the lack of job

experience, the lack of education and monetary issues such as budget cuts. Some of the

time not being able to find a job may be on the person themselves, it can be because of

the kind of work they are interested in also, the pay rate they are looking for. Whether or

not a person gets the job is solely based on the hiring manager or the person in charge of


      Another thing that keeps a person from getting a job is not having the required job

experience, this is because when a manager hires a new employee, the manager may need

the possible candidate to have experience in the field being worked by the possible

candidate. Managers sometimes think that hiring and training a person who doesn’t

have experience for the job, is a big waste of time and money. With some jobs, having

experience is a great thing because that person’s pay may be or will be based on

their experience.

      The lack of education is one thing that greatly gets in the way of not being able to

get a job. If a person goes to apply for a job and under the job requirements it states that a

high school diploma or its equivalency is needed in order to be considered for a job

interview or to even fill out the company’s job application and one is not yet obtained,

that person will not be able to get that job. A higher education such as a College Degree

is a plus when looking and applying for one or many different jobs. Managers look for

people with college degrees because it tells them that the person applying for the job has

enough knowledge to carry out such the job position that is available. The more

education a person has, the better their chances are of getting the job they want or not

having to worry about not being hired because of the...