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STARK Fasadrenovering Limited is a for-profit group founded in 1963 by Mikael Karlson. The company is located in Stockholm, Sweden. It is one of the leading construction groups in the country with more than $38 million annual turnover. In 1970, the organization has been reorganized to become ‘Roland Karlsson Ltd’. In 1996, the group was split into two companies with the extensions ‘I Stockholm AB’ and ‘in Mälardalen AB’. Throughout its history, the firm has internally worked relentlessly to train staff and invest in modern equipment. In 2005 the company has been renamed as ‘STARK Fasadrenovering Limited’ as part of the development of the company.

The firm operates within the construction industry and has proven to be very successful at providing highly advanced training and education to its construction workers. The company uses both tradition and experience in an effective manner that ensures high quality in its services. (Stark, 2015). The company primarily offers facade renovations, refurbishment in rooftops, windows, balcony and paintings. At the same time, the company has created a separate department for scaffoldings with their own corporate identity. (Stark, 2015). On the 08/27/2015, the company has celebrated its ten years anniversary as STARK Fasadrenovering.

In the neighborhood of Stockholm, the company has been very active and has recently completed new constructions in the area of Sollentuna. The neighborhood that has been built consists of modern and energy-efficient apartments. The area of Sollentuna is one of the municipalities that be become increasingly popular, which has led to a large amount of new constructions. (STARK, 2015).

When it comes to social impact, the management and its staff pick out an annual project to contribute to. In 2015, the company has chosen to sponsor the Children’s Cancer Foundation to support research in the treatment and care of young people affected by cancer. (Stark, 2015). The company is also...