The Custom Woodworking Company - Woody 2000 Project
Foundation of Project Management

    The Custom Woodworking Company, commonly known as Woody’s, has been manufacturing wooden furniture and other household items since 1954.   Recently, due to the increase in building and economic activity, Woody’s began to increase the types of products it offers and its overall level of output (Custom Woodworking Company Woody 2000).   The company now manufactures cabinets and countertops for wholesalers and retailers as well as continuing to take custom orders for furniture and custom-fit cabinets and countertops for contactors and individual buyers.   Due to increased economic expansion and greater potential and opportunities for Woody’s, and expansion effort of the company’s manufacturing facilities was deemed a useful undertaking.   This effort was initially spearheaded by John Carpenter, the son of the company’s founder, and then passed over to Mr. Moneysworth (Custom Woodworking Company Woody 2000).
The planned expansion included creating a larger workspace for manufacturing operations and the purchasing and installation of additional equipment and technology that would automate many manufacturing processes, making operations more cost-effective and efficient (Custom Woodworking Company Woody 2000).   Right from the outset of this undertaking, however, some problems could be foreseen on the horizon, and these were never adequately addressed.   This paper analyzes precisely what went wrong at Woody’s at each step of the way.
From the very beginning the methodology used to plan and then implement the desired changes at Woody’s could be seen.   First, Mr. Moneysworth, the VP of Finance and Administration, was put in charge of the project.   Within a vacuum without any planning or consultation with the production team, Mr. Moneysworth invited Expert Industrial Developers (EID) to quote a price for the ill-defined project.   Mr. Moneysworth then...