Woodrow Wilson


  * Wilsonian Perspective is the vision of President Woodrow Wilson’s vision for Public Administration.

  * This perspective was known after he published an essay called “The Study of Administration” published in Political Science Quarterly in 1887 which was significant starting point of Wilsoniasm.

  * Wilson wrote his essay “The Study of Public Administration” in the era of the Progressive movement which covered the last two decades of the nineteenth Century.

  * In the United States, this movement was developed in response to increasing urbanization, immigration, the seeming loss of traditional values and corruption.

  * There was incorrect administration due to political corruption and the existence of the “Spoils System”.

  * Influenced by the progressive movement Woodrow Wilson was also convinced that there was a need to reform the government and the reforms should be in the field of public administration.


  * Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the 28th President of the United States (1913–1921).
      * Wilson was a leading Progressive Movement, arguing for a stronger central government and fighting for anti-trust legislation and labor rights.
      * Wilson also fought for democracy, and has been a contentious position in American foreign policy.



  * Woodrow Wilson is usually regarded as the Originator Of the doctrine of politics- administration dichotomy.
  * In his essay Wilson divided government into two separate spheres of politics and administration.
  *   In his opinion, politics is dealt with questions of policy formulation; administration is dealt with carrying them out.
  * He defined public administration as “detailed and systematic execution of public law”.
  * Wilson characterized public administration as a field of business .He Said, “the field of administration is a field of business”
  * To Wilson, politics is the special Province of the statesman and...