Wonders of the Universe


“Wonders of the Universe” has just recently been screened on Perth Television. The host of the show is Professor Brian Cox OBE from Lancashire. The show was first screened in the United Kingdom in March 2011 and later in Australia in July 2011.The series consists of four episodes: each episode tells a different story focusing on an aspect of the universe.

Professor Brian Cox is a gifted teacher; he draws you into his web of knowledge as you travel with him to the most exotic locations.   Professor Cox himself described the series as a “cinematic experience”. Combining Computer Generated Imagery, astronomical photos, excellent camerawork and spine tingling starbursts, add to that Professor Cox, with his boyish good looks and enthusiasm. The Four episodes take you from the birth of the Universe, stars, super clusters and to the ultimate end that will be the death of the Universe.

The most important point about Wonders of the Universe is the fact of its simplicity. It is
Due to Professor Cox and his wonderful way of explaining things, even a child or a very senior person would gain knowledge that they never had before just by watching this series.
I have learned so much that I did not know before, I hated science at school yet here I am writing things down and goggling at every opportunity even my math’s has improved while I ponder

over the fact that the Sun is 93 million miles away and many more facts that Professor Cox comes up with. Did you know there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe or that one day the Sun will have consumed all its fuel? Then the terminal sunset will begin. Thank goodness it is five billion years away. There are so many facts in this four part series; I could fill pages with them.

I have read that this series is not as good as “Wonders of the Solar System” but I have to disagree I think it is better. Who could be so lucky enough to get a teacher...