Womens Problems in India

women constitute nearly half of the population of India. they suffer for many social injustices and discrimination.today they take part in every walk of life.still their conditions are far from satisfactory. they face many problems today.
social inequality is a major problem faced by women . Inequality b/w men and women is a serious challenge to Indian democracy.Most societies have been dominated by women.The customs and laws of Indian society was framed by men giving lot of advantages   to women but still these laws are violated by men. women were treated as inferior to men . In modern times there are women politicians, administrators   and executives.the inequalities   which had existed in the past is still existing today also.
Discrimination is the second major problem faced by women. The traditional society discriminated a great deal against women.The practice of sati existed.Widow remarriage was not allowed and widows was treated cruelly.women was not allowed to come to public.they were denied the opportunities for education.Female children are not even given proper nutritious food.they are not given proper care an attention.As a result female mortality is high.another woe of Indian women is dowry.This is a curse to Indian society.This practice   make girls unequal to boys.women also face the problem of economic discrimination.They are paid much less than men   for doing the same work.
What are the remedial measures for these grave problem? A change in the attitude of the society towards women is the important solution to the problem.customs and practices which discriminate against   women can be removed by proper education . Women organisations must be alert and oppose instances of social discrimination against women.
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