David Pope
Honors 10 Engl
Mrs. Cook
Good or Evil?
Throughout the passage of time women have always been seen as temptresses. This stereotype has endured from Biblical times with Adam and Eve to the times of Olive Ann Burns and her book Cold Sassy Tree, and even to today. Burns’s book Cold Sassy Tree portrays this message as well as some others   about the power of women. Such powers emphasised in the story of change in a small town include powers of temptation and the innate ability to voice their opinion. The powers are shown through three major characters, Miss Love, Loma, and Lightfoot.
Miss Love is a newcomer to the small town of Cold Sassy, Georgia from the north after the civil war, who becomes an item with   Rucker Blakeslee, an elderly rich man that recently lost his wife. With civil unrest between the North and the South and rumors of Love being a gold-digger, Miss Love is forced to endure gossip and near- pariahism due partially to the jealousy of Loma and other women and her “ensnarement” of the “King” of Cold Sassy. Through the story there is gossip about whether Rucker is lusting for Miss Love or Love is a gold-digger. The narrator, with no motive to lie to the audience, puts thoughts of Rucker’s lust to bet when he sees Rusker crying over his dying wife. That being said Love is after only money because, why would she, a young beautiful woman, marry an elderly rich man? With more support coming from Love’s actions when confronted by the women of the town she says that she and Rucker have not consummated their marriage, and she kisses her ex-boyfriend before coming to her senses. With such actions being true it is obvious that Love has used her powers of temptation and seduction to cajole Rucker, who is soon to die, out of his money.
Another powerful female character, Loma, carries a different power, the power of voice and gossip.Through these means she achieves different results than Love and her powers. With the arrival of Miss Love...