Women's Health

Poor Hygiene.
Women’s body is generally more susceptible to health or hygiene problems as compared to men. Hence, it becomes equally important for females to take care of their personal hygiene. When we talk about personal hygiene, it sometimes does not include what is known as sexual hygiene. Sexual hygiene is one important factor that cannot be ignored in a woman’s body, otherwise can result to various health problems.
There are simple and easy ways by which you can maintain personal as well as sexual hygiene. Sexual hygiene is also known as vaginal hygiene as it focuses on cleanliness and maintenance of vagina and its surroundings areas to prevent infections. Vagina forms the reproductive part of the female body; hence, a good vaginal hygiene should always be the priority. It is also advised to use female friendly products that are mild with no side effects.
Though the procedure of intimate washing seems to be quite simple, it must be performed according to some certain rules connected with peculiarities of female anatomy and reproductive function. You should know that womb cavity is sterile and any virus or bacterium got in it is likely to provoke various problems connected with carrying of pregnancy. So only spermatazoons are permitted in the uterus. Nature carries about female health: it created special guards which let spermatazoons in the uterus and simultaneously block the way of harmful bacteria and viruses. These guards are special bacteria populating the vagina. Normal microflora of this organ is 90 percent bacillus which excretes lactis acid. Vaginal acid environment disactivates most harmful bacteria, but does not damage spermatazoons. If for some reason vaginal environment becomes alcaline, then the number of lactis acid bacillus diminishes dramatically and other microbes fill up the rest of the space. This state is called dysbacteriosis.
Only skin around the entrance to the vagina can be washed with soap.

Wrong Underwear Choice.