Women Empowerment & India

21st century!! Quite a familiar word “Women Empowerment”. Nowadays we could find women stepping out and giving a hand to each profession. Let it be a technical hand or a management one or something else. Days are gone when only physical competency was taken into concern. Today women are rated on an equal footing with the men when performance is concerned. Let’s not be specific but women are finding their way in almost all fields such as in IT firm like TCS & others, banking Institutions, jobs in manufacturing sector, agriculture and the most favored once - BPOs. Still I think there are some disabilities which exist in this so called modernized phase of the human civilization. We’ll deal with those later and for the time being let’s start with the positives & the history behind the ideology of woman empowerment.
Let’s move in the early 19th century and we’ll find women strangling behind the doors and making their way out of the major challenges like the practice of “sati”, the “purdah system” and in the worst case reaching to the religious gurus or priests for some remedy who would instead fool them with some conservative myths and exploit them physically. It was to the credit of personalities like Raja Rammohan Roy who reformed the life of the masses to a certain extent. Later on it was the Gandhian Strategy which came into the scene and renovated the minds of the Indian masses which then began to feel that the role of women in the society and the anti imperialistic struggle is essential. This led to the mass involvement of women in the national struggle and hence in the later decades we found many women like Kasturba and Miraben worked hand in hand with personalities like Annie Besant and presented a fair play in the Indian National movement. It was then we could also find out that Sarojini Naidu was made the president of the Indian National Congress in the 1920s.
Now, let us figure out a basic idea about woman empowerment which is mostly misinterpreted in...