Women and Sports

Jalen Howard
March 25, 2013
English 102-004
Essay I
Woman Equality
Many people have heard over and over again that men are better in sports than women.   Men even get more attention world-wide than women.   The most obvious proof is shown on television.   If any person in the world would flip through the television right now, they would see it; NFL, NBA, MLB, golf, and so forth.   Where are the women events?   Where are the WNBA, softball games, and women’ golf events?   The male sport population even has their own television channels, such as NFL-TV and NBA-TV; again, where is the women’s part in this?   Sure, sometimes, although very rarely, we see a softball game on TV, or a WNBA basketball game, but how often is that? Once every three weeks, I’m sure.   Most people would say it is because men are stronger, faster, have more agility than women; basically, men are more entertaining than women.   This inequality goes outside of the national attention; it’s even in middle and high schools. Although most of the population believes that men are better than women in sports, I believe that the women could compete with men no matter the sport at all levels of competition.
A lot of people will argue that men are better because of genetics, testosterone, and the body types. Even though this is true, I have always felt that women are not given a fair chance to prove men wrong.   A perfect example of females that are not given a fair chance is my sister during our childhood years. My sister was one of the girls growing up that proved to every single person she played sports with, or a spectator, that she was just as good as the guy standing next to her.   Some women are even more competitive than my sister.   Later on, I will give examples of women that went over and beyond the limitations and expectations of girl athletes and even guy athletes.   I searched through online data to show that women are treated differently in sports by the size of the balls we use, the dimensions of...