Wk7 Paper

The Importance of Leadership in Business From Ethical Perspectives

Jameka Anderson
AMBA 620 – Managing People and Groups in the Global Workplace
Dr. Edwin Olson
March 8, 2016


This is whereby we look at the concept of business management in greater detail and at ethics in the business sustainability and leadership. For us to be able to link these two aspects with one another we define the important aspects like the ethics, values, sustainability, etc. and how they are integrated, with supporting examples. An example is made of a company who had an ethical issue, an American gas organization called, Enron. We then break leadership into smaller compartments, as we look at its theories and significance to the advantage of a successful business

Keywords: ethics, sustainability


For a business to be effective and running, ethics and values are important factors. Both of these factors work in correlation with one another and they are central to any organization. We then define ethics as moral principles that govern a person’s behavior. This can be identified on how stakeholders (consumers, customers and shareholders) behave in the organizational environment. Edward Westermarck (Lee and John 1986 37-38) agrees in saying that ‘ethics are concerned with doing good or the right thing in a given human situation’. In the business context, ethics has to do with the extent to which a person's behavior measures up to such standards as the law, organizational policies, professional and trade association codes, popular expectations regarding fairness and what is right, plus one's own take on moral standards.

Business ethics are, therefore, apprehensive with approximation of business practices in the light of some concept of human value; with respect to the success of some human good, and not for their own sake, corporate profits are examined. In the world of business your employer helps you, so...