Witness Essay Notes

-Karen Hesse
-Vermont, America 1924
-Consists of eleven characters
-Different beliefs and views of events
-Racial and religious differences were big
-Main focus including acts performed by KKK
-Thesis: through the theme of discrimination,
Hesse illustrates that it is “difficult to be

-Topic sentence: characters in the novel, such
as Leonora, are discriminated against because
of their race.
-Leonora participates in dance class
-Notices other peoples actions toward her
-Quote “the ones who wouldn’t dance with a
negro.” P.g. 3
-Shows people refuse to dance
-Someone of different race joined, cant stand
different people
-Leonora offered typewriter by Mr Field but
didn’t take it
-Quote: “but if i went carrying a big old/
typewriter home…/ constable Johnson, /
he’d get ten calls before i got half way to the
covered bridge” p.g. 47
-Illustrates people jump to conclusions
-Make racial assumptions because don’t trust
got given typewriter

-Topic sentence: In the novel, inequality
between genders is highlighted.
-Because of seeing how father/mother
- Sara Chickering Quotes: “folks ask why I
never married.” Continues “father got a
holiday from time to time. / mother never
did.” p.g. 30
-People think it’s strange when not stereo
Typical woman
-instead of house wife, works herself, makes
Her different
-Accept judgements people make

- Topic sentence: Hesse also displays how people of a different religion are discriminated.
- Esther states “someone did wrap a letter over a stone and they did send it/ through sara chickering’s kitchen window.”
- Conveys to reader because Esther and ira are Jewish, not respected by people involved with KKK
-Threatened causing worry and distress
- Know that people will mistreat, because different

- Witness novel all inequalities of people
- Because difference...