With Detailed Reference to Text H and to Relevant Ideas from Language Study, Explore How Far Gender Affects Language Use

ENGB1 Language and Gender – Exam Practice – Spoken Language
With detailed reference to Text H and to relevant ideas from language study, explore how far gender affects language use

The genre of this piece is a spoken transcript with the audience being two colleagues, Linda and Ed. The subject is regarding Linda’s trip to see the band Stereophonics and it includes an anecdote about the journey home involving troubles with the car. Finally the purpose is interactional as it is establishing relationships and quite a social, informal interaction which is happening as the participants are catching up at the end of their shifts at the restaurant where they work.
The first thing that I notice upon reading the transcript is that Linda interrupts Ed quite a few times. For example, when Ed tries to describe what the problem could have been with the car and said ‘cos you’ve got the jacking points underneath the’, he gets interrupted by Linda instantly saying ‘well no…’ I also noticed another example of when Linda steers the conversation by using an interruption; this is when Ed is yet again explaining the jacking points and Linda interrupts saying ‘I have no idea’. It could be suggested that Linda is interrupting with these comments because she isn’t fully interested in the mechanics of what Ed is talking about. These interruptions challenge Janet Holmes study in the dominance model as she claimed that men interrupt 96% of the time.
Secondly, it can be seen that Linda regularly comes across as if she is unsure and vague in the transcript. She uses a tag-questions like ‘you know?’ frequently, approximations of ‘about five minutes’ and ‘about two o’clock in the morning’ and hedging, for example, ‘I dunno’, ‘maybe’, ‘I have no idea’ and ‘um so yeah’. The often use of conveying this sense of uncertainty and vagueness links to Robin Lakoff theory in The Deficit Model where she states that females are more likely to seem uncertain and vague by suing tag-questions, hedging...