Though my great-grandmother, Ellabell, died a few years ago, she left a significant impact on me like no one else had because of her great strength and her wisdom. She was only in my life for thirteen short years. The influence she had on me when I was younger caused me to be half the person I should be today. This particular point in my life I would have like to have Ellabell by my side so I can continue to feel the love and influence, especially this last year of high school.
When I was thirteen years of age I always knew my great- grandmother was a strong woman. She was able to take care of me even though she was up in age. She still could take care of herself without a problem. I was just amazed to see her be as strong as she was because some people were not able to take care of themselves not to mention others at the age she was. I hope I can some of her strength after I graduate. I will never forget the strength she had because her strength made me stronger mentally.
My great-grandmother was wise because she didn’t follow a path but she made her own trail. Meanwhile my graduation is around the corner so paths are going to be their but it’s my choice to choose which one is right for me to take. In other words without her wisdom, the choices I make in the future will come from ignorance. As a matter a fact the quote, “the only wisdom is knowing you know nothing”. This quote relates to me because I know nothing really therefore I’m glad my great-grandmother had wisdom thus this had a major influence on me.
My great-grandmother had the greatest influence on because of her incredible strength and wisdom. Hence influence can help me later in the future.   In the end an influence can shape the way people live their life.