Wiriting Assigment

Alyssa Gram
Core 100
September 7,2015
Writing assignment #1
There have been laws made to make sure everyone was treated equally but, are we all truly treated equally? The existence of slavery for over 200 years has demonstrated that everyone was not treated equal. Enlightenment thinkers in the past such as, John Locke, have tried to change inequality in our country. In 1864 President Abraham Lincoln created the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery in the United States. Without even including slavery, inequality; politically, socially, and economically, has been the reality of the American past, although we’ve created equal rights for everyone there is still inequality in the United States, present day.
There are many victims of Inequality. Women weren't given the opportunity to get a job, vote, join the army, and many other things that men had to opportunity to do. African americans basically had it the same way but also, had everything separate, such as bathrooms, movie theaters, schools, and many more. Inequality in America has bettered since the past. Inequality will never be fully be extinct because of the way some people think, but now we have laws to make sure that every person is treated equally. Many people in the past have fought to make the United states a country without inequality and a country with opportunities. Regardless of the laws we have that make us all equal, Inequity is still plays a role in the United States.
There was many Women rights activists in the late 1800s fighting for women to have equal rights to men. Now in america women do have the same rights as men but   aren't truly treated equally. A lot of people say things like “thats a mans job” or express the stereotype that women are bad drivers. Female politicians have to face this stereotyping still. Female politicians are considered to take upon political problems that men would call a “womens problem” such as problems regarding children and education. In the 1800s women...