Wireless Technology Proposal

Wireless technology Proposal
Technology has clearly taken over and we believe that Party Plates is in need of an upgrade. Cellphones would be a great asset to the company; they now are made with so many features that would be of value to everyone.   We would be able to send /receive emails; manage our calendars, conference calls, even make transactions and all of this can be done out of the office. It is the multitasking ways that this company needs and it will improve the business because of how easier it and hands on would make the company.   Cellphones would allow us to be able to take work with us and laptops are big and heavy that they are not as handy as a cellphone and cellphones require less maintenance and are less expensive than cellphones.
The downside to cellphones is the memory in them; if you want more space in them it requires you to buy space for the phone in order to have more space. The size of the phone may also be uncomfortable to work in because looking and editing documents requires a larger screen.   That is why tablets are even a better and more useful than cellphones.
A tablet is another device that we can use to upgrade Party Plates. Even though cell phones are an excellent asset tablets is the look we are looking for because of the size, cell phones are small and convenient but tablets have the big screen that would make everyone’s work life better. Video conference calls, meetings, calendar, GPS, electronic payments, Microsoft Word are all functions that we can do on the go and in a larger screen so we can take work with us but that are the perfect size, not as big and heavy as a laptop and not too small as a cellphone.  
Even though tablets are convenient their flaw is not having a USB port in order to instantly transfer from one device to the other but this inconvenient can be resolved with what now a days is called a cloud, it stores documents and other information so you can easily have them in one or more devices.