Wireless Technologies Proposal Week 6

Wireless Technologies Proposal

Deborah Stone
XBIS/220 Introduction to Computer Applications and Systems
June 30, 2013
Jayson Sayers

Party Plates is a very proud manufacturer of colorful, decorative paper plates and napkins.   Our products are sold for a variety of special events.   We have found that going forward it is essential that we move toward wireless technology to keep up with the growing demands of our company and new technology that is available to our employees.
At this time we are using a fully wired computer network with all the benefits of Microsoft Office and an Access based database to keep track of orders and sales throughout the company.   Many of our customers are ordering through the Internet with our company‚Äôs website which offers them all our products through an online catalog.   Our employees are able to create reports or download data to Excel, which helps in tracking sales, manage our inventory, as well as tracking employee data.   The research conducted will identify wireless technologies that will not only replace old technologies but also will help with our efficiency and productivity as it is implemented throughout our company.
We are aware that employees must stay connected to the Internet to receive sales orders, inventory availability and they need to be able be connected to other employees.   This proposal suggests that with the use of wireless technologies our workers will be more mobilized.   The introduction of smart phones and laptops will give our employees the mobility that will help them maximize productivity.

Smart Phones                                           [pic]
One product that is strongly suggested is the smart phone.   The majority of Party Plates orders come through e-commerce.   This includes our direct sales through our online catalog, and also credit card interface.   As we look at our sales forecast, we are projecting an increase of 15%-20% each year.   Our sales representatives...