Will There Really Be a Morning by Whitman and Ways of Talking by Jin

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03 March 2016
Poem analysis: “Will There Really Be A Morning” by Emily Dickinson and “Ways of talking” by Ha Jin
Two poems in a conversation can convey a more complex theme than a particular individual piece. This paper analyzes one contemporary poem “Will There Be A Morning” by Emily Dickinson and an older poem “Ways of Talking” by Ha Jin. The main argument of the essay is where does the contemporary poem agree with an older one about a common subject, and how does the contemporary poem further support, develop, or disapprove the thematic ideas of the older poem. The common subject of these two poems is growth and development in life where the contemporary poem tries to support further the thematic ideas of the older poem. Also, the two poems under analyses offer a complex and hidden theme of hope and optimism which through this analysis will be revealed in detailed.
The contemporary poem “Will There Be A Morning”, is a diverse poem which can offer more than a single meaning. In this poem, the poet revolves around a child’s imagination of “morning” and “day” (Dickinson line 1, 2, 16). The child wonders whether places like “morning” and “day” are real places and if they are, where does this place called “morning” lies, and how does it look like in reality. Also, the child asks whether   ”morning” is something that can be seen from the mountain tops and if it has feet like water lilies of feathers like a bird (Dickinson   line3, 4). Also, the child wonders if morning is from famous countries she has never heard of, and she wishes that a scholar, a wise man or a sailor enlighten her as she calls herself a pilgrim searching for answers (Dickinson line 13, 14, 15 16). By the capitalization of the words water, morning, Pilgrim, wise men, scholar, day, bird and sailor, the reader of the poem can already imagine and see that nature, education and travel with deeper meaning as a contribution to education and how important it is...