Wikileaks Conroversy

Greg Taylor
WRC 1013
Marc A. Thiessen’s Apprehensive Warning
Wikileaks is a website designated to expose and distribute specifically contained documents held by our U.S. government. The website is dangerous enough to foil ties with our allies and agitate future cooperation with foreign intelligence. With over 75,000 released documents and 15,000 more in his possession, Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, has no intent to cease his naïve attack on the American Government.
Marc Thiessen, an op-ed columnist who writes a weekly report for The Washington Post, is taking a stand. He explains that the information Assange has presented the world is likely a violation of the espionage act and develops an extremely strong case against Wikileaks, adding detail on the serious problems it could stir in the near future. For example, Thiessen heavily relies on the national security of our government to back his cause for this great country, and he raises the question, why would Afghan governments, and foreign intelligence alike, want to associate or even respect a Government with an unstable sharing system that can’t even protect its own network of information? Wikileaks could be the single most destructive organization to ever blitz our government, employing velocity as well as geography to transpire the goals and anterior actions of those who govern us by blindly expelling information to whoever decides to listen. Thiessen refers to Wikileaks as a criminal enterprise, patriotically advocating his bold statement with the well being of Americans and people everywhere. This sort of illegal sharing of government property will not be tolerated.    
Thiessen and loyalists everywhere believe Assange should immediately be justified and shut down for the sake of the poised, but healthy, lifestyle of this country we all take for granted. Thiessen accredits him with the righteous honor of exposing more classified documents than the rest of the world combined, only...