Wikileaks Article

The first article that I read opened up on a background note from one of the most important leaks that occurred in Wikileaks. It opened with the reporter being in Iceland talking to Assange along with Icelandic activists. The activists were discussing one of the first things leaked by Bradley Manning to Wikileaks, which was a video from an American apache helicopter in Iraq. The video was called “Collateral Damage and it was shot from the gun camera of an Attack helicopter that attacked unarmed civilians on an Iraqi street, including a van with children in it and two Reuters cameramen. That video was what really began to put Wikileaks into the international spotlight.

One of the most intriguing parts of Wikileaks is their security, and the article does a good job at covering this. Wikileaks, through assange’s design, have created a system in which their website and the content posted, cannot be taken down. According to Assange, Wikileaks has over 20 servers all over the world that stores it’s content and hundreds of domain names in order to run mirror sites. These mirror sites are necessary so that if one domain that holds the data is hacked or taken down, then another can take over immediately to prevent censorship.

Those measures were necessary because as Wikileaks began to leak more and more information about people and governments all over the world and not just the US government, they began to be threatened with litigation by numerous people. The article covers how groups ranging from a British bank that had an embarrassing memo published to Kenyan politicians who had their president exposed as a thief, threatened to sue Assange for whatever charge they could thing up. The article does a good job describing how Assange essentially tells them all to stick it. By doing this, he created...