*       After the interviews with Ruben and the staff these ideas Ticket sales via website, or m-commerce, Wifi, Menu changes were put forward as a means of improving Club It’s competitive advantage in the night club field and to improve the performance of Club It.   This paper will focus and give some detailed observations on those ideas.
  *     The First idea is to change the menu to include some different items for the different music venues. Each month Club It showcases a different type of music. For example January has local bands, November has Jazz, June is San Francisco bands, October is Latin, and March is NYC bands (Wiley Higher Education, 2007-2008). Each of this areas or types of music has certain foods associated with them. Jazz is more southern cooking and Latin food speaks for itself. Ruben can take a survey about what kinds of food are associated with the different types of music and get the customers involved in the process (Wiley Higher Education. (2007-2008).   Adding extra foods and drinks to the menu for the different types of music showcased each month and getting customer input will make the Club It have more of a family admosphere.
  *     The Sysco Corporation (2008-2009) website has as over 91 main dishes and 77 appetizers so that Club It can get a variety items. Sysco also has a link on the web page so that the order can be sent in electronically, which will save time and money.   The proper use of supply chain management techniques will help the keep the supplies coming in the back door so the customers can be served with a smile in the front of the club.
  *     The next idea is the use of WiFi. Several other restaurants and coffee shops have free WiFi set up for their patrons and because most of the patrons of the Club It are mostly net generation and millennials it only makes sense to offer WiFi. The latest WiFi standard, IEEE 802.11n, provides faster download speed and helps several users to access heavy...