Wider Professional Practice and Development in Education and Training

Task A Research report
Write a report in which you:
a.) Define the concepts of professionalism and dual professionalism in education and training
As teachers it is essential that we always achieve a level of professionalism in order to maintain high standards within our industry. The concept of professionalism is, to define what is expected of us, to highlight the qualities and behaviours we possess and the level of skill and competency that is expected of us.
In being a professional practitioner in education and training we need to maintain our professional demeanour at all times both in work and outside of it.   We need to be well presented, punctual, honest, composed and ethical.   We should be someone who can build and maintain strong and appropriate relationships with our peers, colleagues, students and others.   We should be committed to learning and self-development. We need to be the type of person that adheres to policies and guidelines and is respectful of individual’s needs, diversities and cultural backgrounds.
The definition of Dual professionalism in education and training are those teachers who were already professionals in their specialist area and decided to move from their initial chosen occupational area into education and training in order to train others wishing to train within that industry.
The definition given by the Institute for Learning is “Dual professionalism: deep knowledge, conceptual understanding and expertise in teaching and learning processes and contexts, matched with expert subject knowledge and skills”
b.) Explain ways in which professional values influence own practice area of specialism
Professional values in my own area of specialism are important in developing relationships of trust with clients.   There are several things I would observe when conducting myself as a Photographer.   My six C’s that I adhere to are regarding my conduct, my level of competence, my communication, my code of ethics, general courtesy, my...