Why We Must Prevent Animals from Becoming Extinct

Why we must prevent species from becoming extinct
Human beings have associated with the destruction of many different species through a combination of hunting them out, destroying their habitat and disrupting their food chains so that different species no longer have the capacity to survive. Environmental damage by humans is one of the most serious threats to the survival of not just individual species, but all species on Earth.     Unless humans change their behaviours it is likely that enormous damage will be done to life on Earth, and so the proper thing for the human race to do is to change and prevent species from becoming extinct.
One of the main reasons why we must prevent species from becoming extinct is that if we don’t the eco-system will be destroyed. The way the Earth works is the strongest and fittest species will survive longer than the rest, and if we don’t protect the weaker the “The survival of the fittest species will kill all species.”(Rerako) For the eco-system to be balanced everyone must depend on others. For example; worms help keep the dirt and soil moist, making it easier for us to grow things, if worms were to be extinct, then growing trees, plants and crop wouldn’t be as easy as you think. Already the eco-system is beginning to become unstable, with 125 bird species and 60 animal species already extinct since 1600s. Currently 1000-1100 species of birds and animals are endangered and facing extinction. If invertebrates and plants were to be included then the figures would rise to about 20 000 species in imminent danger.
Another important reason is that the human race may face extinction quicker than we are supposed to, if we don’t prevent other species from becoming extinct. Some animals may hold the cure for some deadly diseases but if they are extinct then the human race will face extinction earlier.                                               For example; “A rare sea creature may hold the cure for cancer but all we care about is if...