Why We Hate Hr

Amie Wasson
Professor Hammonds/ HR Management
August 1, 2011

  1. Top management does not understand what value HR departments can play in their organization. How do we convince them? We convince them by showing them the employee retention rate when you have an effective HR department. HR is not just about the pay, benefits and training, it is about the human day to day connection with the employees. When HR is affect it is when it is making that human connection with the employees and assuring them that they are important assets to the company. Then in return you get a more effective employee.
  2. What role do you believe top management plays in the acceptance or rejection of the role of HR? What types of values, beliefs and practices should they espouse? What kind of company culture would promote and protect those values? Top management plays a huge role in the acceptance or rejection of HR because they are the ones that usually decide the rules and regulations and how HR is going to run. Top management sets the tone for the company. The values, beliefs and practices should espouse is the importance of their employees and how they can enhance their company. Instead of always looking at the payroll budget and strictly the numbers. If top management hires employees that know the answers to the following questions then they will have a more effective and profitable company: who are your company‚Äôs core customers, who is the competition, and who are we as a company. If top management hires HR employees that can answer these question and have the vision of the company then they will hire employees that have the same thing. It is a trickledown effect. But you have to continue to have the support from top management.
  3. How does the gender makeup of HR professionals help or hinder the perceptions of the effectiveness of the HR function? I think gender makeup can hinder the perceptions of the effectiveness...