Why We Flirt

Flirting is a process that maybe sometimes we do not even realize we are doing it.   Belinda Luscombe and Kate Stinchfield wrote the essay “Why We Flirt” to give people a better understanding of flirting.   They think that we flirt even when we do not need to, and that could be sometimes a good thing.   I agree with them because, flirting is a great way to start a conversation with someone of the opposite sex, and that is common problem for some people.
There are two types of people that flirt, and both have different reasons to do so.   Not only by talking, but flirting can be achieved by many other ways, like some of which we do unintentionally.   Flirting is nothing bad, but people that do it intentionally consider it a game that everyone should know how to play.   When you learn the basics it becomes sort of a rule book on how to behave or communicate with the opposite sex, but flirting can also be used sometimes to get something from someone else.   However, flirting by the wrong way might get you in some troubles.   That is why people often flirt via social networks.
I can flirt because I am a single person, therefore I have the freedom to communicate or interact with different women.   Also, I like to flirt, but maybe the most of times I do it unintentionally just like the essay says.   Was in the type of situation where I saw a cute girl and started unintentionally flirting with her from a distance until she got close to me started to talk with me, and as the conversation got deeper, it became clear that I was intentionally flirting with her.   It happened in the mall, I was walking and a girl passed by my side.   I looked at her many times but I did not fell like flirting, later I sited in front of a store and she sited next to me and told me that her mother was in that store, after that it felt like flirting because we started a good conversation after that.   Maybe when I was looking her she saw me or maybe saw something that I did unintentionally, it could have...