Why Waste Time to Learn the Same Things Twice?

Why waste time to learn the same things twice?
Many students attend tutorial schools to acquire examination skills, but going to these schools is somehow a waste of time. The tactics for tests and exams may not be as useful as they hope for.
The tutorial schools are rocketing in popularity as they claim to have tutors with high ability. Usually their tutors present things in an interesting and vivid way, for example, they will use trendy words. The tutors can, therefore, capture the students’ attention. The students will then have higher incentive to learn. By paying more attention in classes, their academic results can be improved as well.
The tutorial schools, offering effective notes, can help students summarize the key information from textbooks. For instance, the tutors will condense a great deal of materials into only 100 pages. It looks as if they are too exam-orientated, yet the students can study more efficiently. Students need not jot notes themselves, and they will have more time to revise.
But is going to these classes so beneficial?   Perhaps not. It will actually squander students’ time, and they may rely heavily on these schools as well.
There is no big difference in the content between the notes from tutorial classes and the textbooks used in the schools. The tutorial schools just make use of the advertisements to attract students. They make people feel that their tutors’ teaching styles are not tedious. But, it is a waste of time to go to these schools to learn the same things again.
Also, students going to these classes may rely heavily on the exam tips, for example, the prediction of questions in the coming public examination. Perhaps these students are attracted by a large amount of advertisements for tutorial classes. In the eyes of them, such rote-learning is efficient. But these exam tips are not necessarily reliable. Students should not take risks to depend on them.
Students may also put too much emphasis on exams and neglect their...