Why These Books Are so Popular?

Comic books continue to sell for various reasons. The modern era has contributed a lot to comic books, to the heroes and heroines in them, but the basic concepts of that kind of storytelling still remain unchanged: Heroes and heroines endeavor to fight villains in pursuit of a better world. Why can comic books always fly off the shelves? The reasons are the following.

  The first reason I would like to come up with is that everybody has the instinct to search for a hero. You have someone to look up to or to follow suit in your subconscious. The characters of comic books provide this opportunity for us. In most of the Western comics like Superman, Spiderman, Batman and X-men, an outward display of spontaneous world defense is shown to every reader. The characters are courageous, proactive, adamant, earnest and audacious. These attributes are of paramount importance to a human being. They are so appealing that makes us follow in their footsteps. Imitation plays a defining role in why comic books have become so prevalent among all of us over the years.

  Readers also want to escape from the regular novel to a pictured story. Some are fed up with   novels with so many words which undermine their pleasure in reading. Then, turning to comic books can be a way out. The scenes are described vividly and lively, which help readers further immerse themselves in the content. A pictured story, together with limited words, can have double effects on readers interpreting the story, which cannot be achieved by a regular novel with so many words. For example, when you are watching Batman, what you look forward to is the scenes of defeating the villains and so the design of comic books can satisfy your unquenchable thirst. It depicts the whole process of the fight with colors, helping readers to enjoy more than they do by reading a regular novel.

  Lastly, through reading comics, we see justice being done in a way that we wish we could apply to the real world. In reality,...