Why the American Revolution Occured.

The most convincing argument, or school of thoughts of why the American Revolution occurred, is the acts and taxes that Parliament passed without representation from the colonies. I believe this because acts like the quartering, stamp, and sugar acts pushed the colonist beyond reconciliation. The colonist rioted and chanted the slogan of the Revolution, “No taxation without representation!” The colonist wouldn’t stand for this blank disregard of their say in what they have to pay for. This led to more rebellions and organized rebellious acts by the colonist. The colonist progressed more in their violent attempts, to the point they formed their army, and readied themselves to revolt.
In the American Pageant, written by David Kennedy, Lizabeth Cohen, and Thomas Bailey, stated, “The ill-time Townshend acts had failed to produce revenue, though they did produce near rebellion”. The Townshend acts were a series of taxes on things like glass, paint, lead, paper, and tea. These taxes were introduced to Parliament by Charles Townshend, hence the name of the act. This quote shows you how the colonist reacted to the acts Parliament past. Every act and tax the colonist received just added to their fuel to rebel. The colonists also were defiant to their home land. They wouldn’t abide by their acts, and definitely didn’t pay the taxes. This made Britain have to start taking actions to sequester their control of their precious colonies.
Though the acts passed by Britain were not too much to ask for, in terms of taxing, since the British citizens paid nearly double what Britain was asking from the Americans , but do to shoe-horning by the Colonial Elites the Americans were rallied into a frenzy to cast off their “all of a sudden” uncomfortable chains. The Boston Tea Party holds examples of American over reaction; surely not everyone actually cared where they got their tea from, but because a few well off members of society stood up and threw slanderous remarks about British...