Why Study Politics

Major in political sciences

Definition of political science: ''The social science dealing with political institutions (such as parliament) and government.''

Preferred institute of higher learning to study at: University of the Western Cape.

approximate   Course Fee   : R 29 000.00
Duration   : One year

About Political Sciences

Bachelor's degree programs in political sciences provide students with basic building blocks for a rewarding career in public services, or in education. Students gain critical thinking skills for both writing and analyzing alike. To give all students the opportunity to develop into well rounded citizens of the world.   Political sciences learn to view the effects of politics on art and culture by studying world literature. Students who major in political major has an advantage, as the major extremely flexible.

Many political science majors complete their degrees in four years in full time studies. Colleges and universities encourage students to part -take in internship programs   for at least one semester or whilst they on break from their studies.   Students who want to boost their resumes can do so by   doing courses in anthropology, and languages.

Political science students use both human and research   opinions and tools to examine the process, systems and political dynamics of states countries and regions in the world today.

There are many careers for students with political sciences as a major can enter; thus include: Investment officer, Political analysts, politicians, legislative coordinator, attorney, senior advisor public services and a host of other careers.

My opinion of political sciences would be that of a very positive one, as political sciences is a course that one can use to enter many career paths. Political sciences is also interesting, as students we do research information that can not only be used in academics, but in our personal life as well, we can use it when we need to analyze the various...