Why Some People Don't Learn Foreign Language?

Why some people have problem for learning another language?

We live in a global world and many people try to communicate with others but regardless of whether they travel to a foreign country or take lessons of languages, many people don’t learn that language and for that reason they hate languages or they prefer to look for other option and immediately put a wall, close their mind and didn´t give a chance to learn; This fault can be may be bad teacher that doesn´t have good methodology or may be lack of motivation the importance to acquire a new languages and how can you apply them in a real context , we always are looking for a cause in these situations, but we look inside ourselves that is failing not only as students but as teachers, remember that we liked and we did not like our classes.
I´m going to talk about the most common excuses people make up for not learning a foreign language. Of course, these excuses are, more often than not, unsubstantiated creations of our brain, but as it happens they sound fair enough to most of us. And so the issue of whether to learn a language or not can be quickly brushed away until the next person asks the question “why aren't you learning a foreign language?”
This excuse is probably the one that sounds the most reasonable, and it’s most often used by native English speakers. The question that should be asked, though, is: “How do you know you get by with English just fine if you haven’t truly tried learning and using a foreign language?” It’s kind of like asking a frog in a well to come out and enjoy the pond, and being told “I’m just fine where I am.”
According to the conference Hacking Language Learning by Benny Lewis, he makes an introduction about the reasons why some people don´t learn other language so that many people including young, adults and old; they feel frustrated and embarrassed themselves to have a conversation with native speakers, for that reason they believe that the main factors are: they had bad...