Why Shouldn't You Illegally Download Music?

Why Shouldn’t You Illegally Download Music?
Computers provide us with access to everything these days. They can allow us to talk to friends, work on a school assignment, and listen to our favorite artist’s new CD- all at the same time! Why would anyone continue to buy hard copies of CDs when it is easier to simply buy an electronic copy online? Just like the hard copies though, there are illegal versions of albums. A lot of times they are cheaper, or free, than the legal copies, but they are most likely going to be bad quality. Many people still illegally download music even though there are risks and reasons why they should not: your IP address can be traced by the police, distributors can implant viruses that can affect your computer, and many people are effected by the loss of money.
I don’t own that many hard copies of my CDs these days and buy most of my new music on iTunes. I must admit, most of the time whenever I see the price of the music, I groan and contemplate whether or not I should purchase the songs or the whole CD. With iTunes, we have the option of simply buying one single song from an album instead of purchasing the whole CD from a store. There have been many occasions where I purchase the entire album on iTunes, but only end up listening to two or three songs off of it. I get upset with myself for wasting money on songs that I don’t even listen to. Especially since iTunes raised the prices of individual songs, and albums as a whole, I really didn’t feel like spending my money on something I wasn’t even sure I would enjoy. I looked into downloading music off the Internet and different softwares for free. Since many young adults are still dependent on their parents for money, it is difficult to persuade them to agree that iTunes is a good place for their money to be spent. Free music software was very tempting to use, until I learned about the risks to my computer and myself by reading articles online. In an English class in high school, the...