Why Should We Observe Pupils?

Module 2 Assignment

Week 1: Why should we observe pupils/students?

• Why I chose this particular topic: -

I chose this particular topic as I would come across this topic a lot as a future Higher Level Teaching Assistant. Being a HLTA requires observations to be taken regularly. Exploring and researching on observations for this assignment will help allow me to become more confident in performing observations on a regular basis. Knowing the background of why pupils/students get observed will help me to fully understand my role in doing observations.

Having worked with ‘less-able’ children at my workplace, it has motivated me to do more assessments/observations in order to help them achieve their maximum level of achievement. The course, especially this module requires us to take observations on a regular basis. As I progress on to doing more observations in the future, the information I gain from this assignment will be remembered every time I do so.

Pupils/students should be observed due to the fact that everyone is an individual and all learn in different ways. Observations allow this to be evident in showing how each learner learns best. This can then allow teachers to reflect upon their research in order to plan relating activities to help learners to learn up to their full potential.

Maria Montessori states “The teacher must derive not only the capacity, but the desire, to observe natural phenomena. The teacher must understand and feel her position of observer: the activity must lie in the phenomenon.” www.brainyquote.com 2001-2010. This quote shows the value of observing is not slight; in fact it is very important. Observing means much more than just looking at what is in front of you but capturing every moment of it, in order to reflect upon it later. It is not about the quantity of what you observe but the quality. By exploring why pupils/students should be observed will help me become the observer I would like to be in the future....