Why Sex Is Bad for You at a Young Age

Courtney Stanfield
English PreAP [A4]
Persuasive Essay Outline
Persuasive Essay Outline
“Mom, I’m pregnant!” 14 year old girl says to her mother, “But, I used a condom, I swear!!!”
When having sex at a young age do you even know what your doing? If you do, do you know the risk of catching an STD or getting pregnant? And if you do catch an STD or get pregnant do you really want to live with it for the rest of your life?
Condoms cannot always 100% safe but, still you should not be having sex at a young age. Experimenting with sex at a young age can have very strong consequences. Even though sexual activities can be fun at first it can interfere with your body, you can catch STD’s, and there’s a chance you can get pregnant.
One night of pleasure can turn into a lifetime of pain. If you wined up pregnant at a very young age, how are you going to support your child? You can not get a job because you have to be at least 16 or older. 16 years old is still a very young age to get pregnant though. You may think “Oh, I’m using a condom so I will be fine..,” but, you will not be fine because weather you know it or not condoms or even birth control isn’t 100% proven to keep you from getting pregnant. Also, condoms can not always prevent you from getting an STD for instance Gonorrhea, which is a bacterial infection, that not only infects the genital but also non-genital orifices its also spreads in the reproductive system, and also via the bloodstream and infects other body parts. Because condoms and birth control is not always protective and you do not get pregnant your still messing with your body while it’s growing. You may think your ready to have sexual intercourse because everyone else is most likely your body is not, especially at a young age.
Even though sexual activities is common it still does not mean if your underage you should go and do it or try it out. Sex addiction is a real addiction and its just like another drug once you start its very...