Why School Is Important

School provides us with many educational opportunities.   It teaches us how to get a higher education, better our communication skills and learn different trades.   We start going to school at a young age.   When we are young we learn the basic things in school such as learning to read, write, and spell.   As we grow up we learn more complex things in school.   Many people have different views about schooling and how children should be taught but every school has the same goal to teach students and help them learn.
Every student has different goals and dreams.   The whole point of students attending school is so that they can become better educated and hopefully one day will be able to achieve their goals.   Some people have higher goals than others and are willing to work harder to achieve them. There are many opportunities in high school to challenge yourself.   A lot of students continue their education by attending college after high school.   Although, some students go right into a job after learning certain trades in high school.  
Not only is school about learning and being educated, but it also teaches us how to socialize and work with others.   Being around different types of students while growing up helps develop your personality and makes you the person you are today.   During school most people go through a lot of different situations and learn how to cope with people with different personalities.   Doing group work in school gives you the opportunity to listen to other people’s ideas and perspective on things.   This teaches you to be open minded and you are able to welcome ideas other than your own.