Why Is Topshop Successful in Shenzhen and Hong Kong

1 Introduction

Recently, there has been a growing interest in Chinese market, especially the international fashion brands. This is caused by the increasable Chinese GDP and consumption level.   However, most of the international fashion retailers have been failed. By contrast, some outstanding retailers, such as Topshop have achieved some big successes. As a result, far too little attention has been paid to Topshop. What are the reasons for the success of this British brand?

The achievement of any fashion brands can be due to the marketing strategy, which has used in the process of developing. This paper will focus on the British fashion brand Topshop and its activities in Shenzhen and Hong Kong in China, and will find the reasons why this very brand has become popular in China. Throughout this paper the term ‘ Pop-up store ’ will be used to refer to a kind of new strategy in the field of fashion retailing, which can attract customers in an effective way.

The paper will begin by talking about the background and history of Topshop and giving the definition of this fashion brand, then it will go on to analyse the marketing strategies which were used in Shenzhen and Hong Kong in China. Finally, the conclusion will be given.
2 Topshop

2.1 Definition

Topshop may be defined as a fast fashion retailer, which sells clothes, shoes and some other fashion products in an effective way. Christopher (2004:367) pointed out that the term ‘fashion’ can be defined as a comprehensive word. It can contain many kinds of products and markets which have some short-lived elements of style.

According to Sull (2008), fast fashion may be considered as a kind of new retail strategy, which can adapt to the current and emerging trends quickly and effectively. All of the successes of any brands can be related to the accumulation of experiences during a long time process. Similarly, Topshop’s success may be owing to the long history and the development and the improvement of...