Why I Want to Be a Hca

Personal Statement
Care in developing countries is not as advanced and well organised as in developed countries like UK, Europe or America. In underdeveloped countries like Zimbabwe, care is nonexistent and if any it is highly depended on international voluntary organisations, church organisations and aid agencies which also operate with tied hands due to adverse political climate, and large local companies which have the capacity and financial capability to run and finance such care organisations. There is no social service system and the vulnerable are considered to be a cost rather than people with the same needs like everyone, and often times consigned to destitution.

Working for Cold Storage Company, a large meat producing company which specialised in the slaughter, processing and export of meat to the European Union, my experience took me from quality assurance management, where I was involved in the analysis of the company’s raw materials and finished products after qualifying as a Laboratory Technician, through all the stages of management, until I was Works Manager at one of the 10 branches in Chinhoyi. Chinhoyi branch had a total workforce of 450 personnel, 9 departments, an annual budget of $7.5m and earning the country $120m per year. Cold Storage Company was one of the biggest companies that was involved in the management, funding and running of the many Care Organisations which included; Jairos Jiri Homes for people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and challenging behaviour, Mathew Rusike Homes for abandoned and bereaved children and B.S. Leon Trust for the aged. As a senior manager, I sat on the boards of most of the organisations and was involved in the day to day running, administration, and control of their needs and hence developed a deep passion for care of the vulnerable.

In the UK, I continued working in care, whilst assisting my wife who was studying for a BSc. Degree in Nursing (LDA) and Diploma in Social Work, which...