Why I Serve

There are many reasons why Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard members decide to join the military and serve their country.   Some volunteer for financial reasons.   Others choose to serve for the love of their country.   As a young boy, I have always had a high respect for the military.   My father served in the U.S. Army as both enlisted and an officer.   While living at home, I was fortunate to have a father who led by example as a retired military officer and civil public servant.   I observed my father’s successful life path that he paved for himself and decided to choose a similar course.   Since the age of six, my dream in life was to graduate from the United States Military Academy and become an Army officer.   The main reasons why I decided to serve my country were to maintain our country’s freedom and to pursue a career that I would enjoy.
In order for the United States of America to maintain her strength, power and high quality of life, we need people who are willing to protect our citizens and defend our country’s freedom.   For instance, how many people from other countries can say that they have never had enemy soldiers come into their homes and take over?   How many people from other countries can say that they have never had enemy tanks rolling in their city streets?   There are very few people from other countries that can answer “yes” to both of these questions.   In order to preserve our freedom and way of life, our country needs its citizens to volunteer and serve both in the government and in the military.
      Without freedom, it is very difficult for anyone to pursue an education, achieve personal goals and live a high quality of life.   I am extremely blessed to be an American and able to have the freedom to choose my life path.   Without freedom, my life would not be the same.   Furthermore, I feel that it is my obligation to educate and encourage other citizens to serve their country in order to maintain our freedom and way of life....