Why I Decided to Follow the Celta Course

Why I am interested in following the CELTA-course
My decision to become a teacher was not made lightly. One can hardly ever think of any job as important to society as teaching. No wonder, that taking the brunt of such a responsibility, you cannot but be efficient responsible and inquisitive.
I have been teaching for about six years and I really love my job. Working with my students, I have always done my best to attract their attention, find out up-to-date materials and various extra-activities. When you are a teacher, you cannot let things slide, therefore, professional competence makes a good teacher. But where should one take inspiration from? There is no use to reinvent the wheel if there are many people who can share the information with you.
CELTA is a highly recommended and the most widely recognized international qualification for any teacher. To expand your horizons as a teacher, get to the new level and discover what else you can do, it would doubtless be the most useful course to do. And what I like most about the CELTA course, is that it includes not only the theoretical study, but also an assessed teaching practice. You will be working with experienced CELTA tutors, who are always going to point out you mistakes and weak points, answer all your questions and give an irreplaceable piece of advice.
Another extremely weighty reason to follow the course is that I am interested in teaching English to speakers of other languages abroad. Once I had the practice and it made me obsessed with the idea.
Although confirm that taking the course is such an undertaking, I strongly believe that it is worth doing. And as far as I have already attended some corresponding seminars, the CELTA course itself wouldn’t be a leap in the dark for me. By the way, my personal qualities are also of the kind to achieve the goal and fulfill my dream. That means I would be very grateful if you could give me the opportunity, consider my application and grant me an interview.