Why Going Away to College Is a Smarter Choice

BriAna Preudhomme
Class: 2:30-3:50

The Advantage of going away to school
College is one of the highest places in your education that you can attend. College is where you could say you “make it or break it”. There are two main types of colleges and that is community college and away college.   Even though both of these colleges teach you a lot, away college will give you a better advantage in the future.   Going away to college is one of the most enriching experiences a person can have. Being away for college can foster independence, teach wise decision-making, and prepare for a future career.
Being away in a different state, or maybe in the same state, you learn to be more independent.   Compared to a community college where you do the same routine you always did, being on your own is very different.   In an away school, you live on your own, make your own rules; everything you do is up to you, instead of home where in most cases it is up to the parents. Away at school you learn how to live with someone you don’t really know at all, and get to learn how to deal with a lot of different people. Away colleges are very diverse, you will learn a lot about other people and in different places in which they live. You learn how to mix in with other people, so when you make it in your work world you already know how to mix in with different people not just people from where you live, and what you are used too.   Away colleges everything is up to you. You have to do everything on your own, get everything on your own. There is no one for you to run too, or ask people that you are used too, you learn to fend for yourself, and how to work with yourself. Learning independence is a good advantage for going away to school because your future will be so much brighter, learning how to do things by yourself; you will go far because you will never anyone for anything.

Going away to school will teach to make you wiser choices. A main thing about making wiser choices is going...