Why Duke

Duke stands out in my mind because of its outstanding undergraduate education. One of Duke’s programs that specifically interest me is International Comparative Studies. My interest in international affairs comes from my experiences in Model U.N. During one of the conferences, I represented the Sec. of Treasury in the U.S. Presidential Cabinet and our goal was to reach an agreement with China over greenhouse gas emissions. The numerous debates and negotiations taught me that international cooperation was not possible if countries could not understand and emphasize with each other.
I believe that Duke’s ICS program focuses on teaching the cultural differences between countries and making students aware of global problems. One of the ways that Duke does this is through supplementing the undergraduate education with Study Abroad Programs like Duke Engage. Programs like Duke Engage help students understand different cultures and they bring awareness to important social and environmental issues affecting the world, such as oppression of women and illegal deforestation. Another unique aspect of Duke’s education is the ability for freshman students to take a First Year Seminar. These small classes would not only allow me to form connections with my classmates and my professor, but also give me valuable insight global issues such as climate change. Finally, I understand that Duke helps undergraduates pursue post graduate study through Duke Continuing Studies. This could be invaluable tool if I do decide to continue studying international affairs. By taking advantage of these programs, I can be more aware of the world around and have the possibility of affecting it in a positive way.