Why Don't We Complain ?

Now a days everyone tends to blame everything that is wrong on our society . Can we blame everyone's inability to speak up for themselves on society ? In William F. Buckley JR.'s novel " Why Don't We Complain, " he presents us with his perspective that everyone is so scared to speak up because society has trained then to be inferior and vulnerable . In this sense he is correct , people don't speak up because society has made then intimidated to speak up not just for what they believe in but for simple things that threaten theirs comfort zone .
    Buckley describes his situation in a train being a living boiling pot. The conductor would walk up and down the aisle and not a single person out of the "eighty sweating American freeman" had the courage to speak up and ask if they could lower the heat from 85 torturing degrees .They were all waiting in each other to speak up . When he finally spoke up he was "shaken by those eyes"(76) oh his seat mate so instead if proceeding on with his complaint he decides to ask what time they would be arriving in Stamford . In this scenario we see how because his seatmate eyes shifted from his newspaper onto his eyes he felt intimidated and decided to just play it off . Has society made us so vulnerable that we feel intimidated by a pair of eyes or that instead of growing a tick layer of skin and arouse our complain we wait for someone els to do it for us ? Yes . " the majority of Americans to assert themselves in minor matters is related to our increase sense of helplessness in in average of technology and centralized political and economic power ." (80) The author is on the right track . People waiting for someone els to complain rather than them complaining for themselves is a first world problem . We are so used to having things done for us , a microwave cooks our food and a washer machine cleans our clothes , that we even expect others to do our complaining for us .
    Following this Buckley Jr. shared with us his New Years...