Why Do We Prefer Entering a Top University?

In each country, students struggle to get good grades in University Entrance Exams to get admission to top universities. There are three reasons to analyze why the diplomas of top universities worth our effort so much?
First,comparing to those common universities, a top university gains more resources than others. For instance, there is a plan so-called “ Aim for the top university”. The goal of this plan is to boost the quality of higher education. Within the year of 2010, this project had released 10 billions to those national universities,such as, National Tsing Hua University, National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University,etc. There wasn’t any private university recieveing financial subsidy in this plan. Not only would government offer top universities more help but private enterprises do . We can see several buildings in Tsing Hua are named after some private enterprises. Therefore, top universities own much more funds and much better facilities.
Second, top universities create an excellent circumstances.Gathering remarkable professors and fine students in a palce helps polish up our minds and behaviors. Students can discuss lessons with each other, taking part in courses offered by good professors. Those who have remarkable achievement in other aspect would like to accept invitation to lecture in top universities. The great men on the stage can inspire the minds of students, with self-expectations ,students are willing to aquire more knowledge. Good circumstances is an important strenghth prompting students to be more successful.
Third,graduating from a top university almost ensures a higher wage and to get a better job sooner than others. While sending resumes,graduates from top universities have the most opportunities. As to the rest of the students from private universities,they have merely few chance to have interviews. Though they have passed interviews, enterprises offer better salary to a graduate from top universities. Consequently,a...